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5 Reasons Why Recliners Are Great For Relaxation

Did you know that Napoleon III and NASA helped to create the modern day reclining chair? That’s quite an unlikely duo of furniture fans! From headrests to heated massage pads, recliners have redefined our concept of comfortable seating to become the epitome of relaxation. After all, with the ability to sit back and relax like never before, why would anyone settle for a settee that doesn’t recline!

1. The Empire Sits Back

History buffs believe that Napoleon III was the first person to own a reclining chair, all the way back in the 19th century. By the time of the space age a hundred years later, NASA engineers had added numerous improvements to the recliner and used them for the seats in their space rockets. These clever additions, like the recliner’s iconic moveable foot rest, were first pioneered by furniture maker and inventor Daniel F. Caldemeyer in the late 1950s.

Luckily, we no longer need to be a French Emperor or American Astronaut to enjoy all the wonderful benefits of a recliner. Upholstered in either leather or fabric, traditional recliners feature wide arms and a padded footrest, allowing us to comfortably put our feet up when sitting down.

Today’s recliner armchairs and sofas also take full advantage of modern design techniques and technologies to offer us lots more in terms of comfort and relaxation. Recliners now typically include adjustable headrests, padded arm rests, lumbar back support and independently powered footrests to maximise our levels of comfort.

Leather and leather air upholstered recliners continue to be a popular choice even today, because they have remained fashionable over the years and are much easier to clean. If you accidentally spill something on the leather recliner while you doze off, you can just wipe it clean.

Like chips without ketchup, watching Netflix or playing Nintendo on anything other than a modern recliner is a far less satisfactory entertainment experience.

2. Bye, Bye Back Pain

For those unlucky folks suffering from back pain, lying back in a recliner can help relieve some of that unwelcome discomfort.

Additional functions built into many contemporary recliners – such as heat, massage and vibration pads – will also make you feel more comfortable when sitting down for longer periods of time.

Prior to purchasing a reclining armchair or sofa, Furniture Outlet Stores recommend that any back pain sufferers consult with a medical professional to confirm that the seating will be suitable for their particular requirements.

3. Get Into A Recovery Position

For people recovering from recent surgery, recliners can be very helpful, especially if they need to keep their shoulders or legs elevated following a visit to the hospital. Again, it’s always wise to seek expert medical advice before use.

Furthermore, riser recliners are specially designed for the elderly and persons with limited mobility. They come with an automatic system to stand up, helping to safely lift people out of the chair and get them back on their feet.

4. Space Invaders Vs. The Wall Huggers

Traditionally, recliners have taken up a little bit more space than other armchairs and sofas. However, thanks to the introduction of wall hugging recliners with a forward reclining mechanism, these space efficient recliners can be used in flats, apartments and other homes where available space is limited.

5. Relax For Less

Chelsea Leather Air 3 Seater Electric Recliner Sofa

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