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Interior Design Inspo By Our Customers

Looking for interior design inspo for your new home or an upcoming room makeover? Thanks to Instagram, our customers regularly share some truly stunning and cherished spaces they have lovingly created with the help of items purchased in our stores. Here are a few examples that we hope will spark your own imagination and inspire you too!

Bedroom by home_at_henrydrv

“This little corner is in our bedroom which I haven’t posted before. It seemed like forever to find the perfect chair for our room.”

Bedroom Armchair inspo by home_at_henrydrv

Image Source: home_at_henrydrv

Bedroom by homeofmstko_x

London home blogger Ms TKO gave this bedroom a beautiful facelift in autumn 2020. Old wallpaper was removed, everywhere freshly painted and some new furniture pieces added to complete the glamorous look.

Bedroom accent chair bought by homeofmstko_x

London bedroom by homeofmstko_x

London bedroom facelift by homeofmstko_x

Images Source: homeofmstko_x

Bedroom by ourss9

“We were limited for space when it came to bedside tables,” says ourss9. “On my side of the bed, the wall starts to angle into the bay window. But this cute table from @furnitureoutletstores is perfect. I love the mirrors on it.”

Bedroom interior design inspo

Image Source: ourss9

Bedroom by prim_r05e

“Cozy winter days have made this my fav room at the moment.”

Mirrored Dressing Table inspo by prim_r05e

Image Source: prim_r05e

Bedroom by rachelsflat_x

“Love the neutral colours in the bedroom, makes it feels so much more cosy.”

Bedroom inspo by rachelsflat_x

Images Source: rachelsflat_x

Guest Bedroom by design_edi

Interior design student design_edi has cleverly deployed a side table from Furniture Outlet Stores as a bedside lamp stand in this guest bedroom redesign.

Guest Bedroom

Image Source: design_edi

Dining Room by happyhomelifeinteriors_

This modern dining table and chairs set from Furniture Outlet Stores is ideally suited to the contemporary interior and styling ethos of happyhomelifeinteriors_.  As these Instagram photos show, the result is an absolutely stunning dining room and lounge area to dine and relax in.

Dining Room interior design inspiration

Dining Room by happyhomelifeinteriors_

Dining Room inspo

Images Source: happyhomelifeinteriors_

Dining Room inspo by homeofharkiles

Images Source: home.of.harkiles

Dining Room by our_grey_bungalow

our_grey_bungalow’s dining room looks absolutely gorgeous.

Dining Room inspo by our_grey_bungalow

Images Source: our_grey_bungalow

Dining Room by the_not_so_whitehouse

The Not So White House’s followers on Instagram are loving the dining set, wall prints and pampas grass styling in this beautiful living space. “My dining room is finally complete!”

Dining Room inspo by the_not_so_whitehouse

Images Source: the_not_so_whitehouse

Hallway by 1930sarang

“So we went a little crazy and painted our console table yellow! It’s growing on me… it adds some needed colour to our dark hallway.”

Hallway Yellow Console Table inspo by 1930sarang

Images Source: 1930sarang

Hallway by bitsofhome

“I’ve changed this table arrangement so many times since we’ve moved in! As it’s the first thing you see when you walk into the house, I wanted it to be eye catching.”

Hallyway Table inspo by bitsofhome

Images Source: bitsofhome

Hallway by firsthomeliving_

One of our oval-shaped hallway tables shows the versatility of this tabletop and lower shelf design in firsthomeliving_’s new home build entrance hallway. That’s not forgetting the extra storage space provided by the table’s built-in central drawer.


Image Source: firsthomeliving_

Hallway by home_at_henrydrv

Our green console table was painted black by home_at_henrydrv  to match the monochrome theme that they’ve got going on throughout this amazing renovation of a 1930s semi-detached house.

Hallway Console Table inspo by home_at_henrydrv

Image Source: home_at_henrydrv

Hallway by myfirsthome23

myfirsthome23’s journey into making their house a forever home has recently seen the addition of our coat rack with storage baskets unit to the entrance hallway.

Entrance Hallway interior design inspo

Image Source: myfirsthome23

Hallway by scentsandsass_xx

scentsandsass_xx is looking for a nice lamp to add to our glass top console table in this modern designed entrance hallway.

Entrance Hallway

Image Source: scentsandsass_xx

Home Office by haleypricehome

“I needed a little space to do my admin bits… Say hello to my desk/office corner!”

Chair purchased at Furniture Outlet Stores.

Home Office Chair inspo by haleypricehome

Image Source: haleypricehome

Kitchen/Breakfast Bar by homebysinclair_

“I have been obsessing over these bar stools for so long and I’ve finally bought them for my new kitchen.”

Breakfast Bar Stools inspo by homebysinclair_

Image Source: homebysinclair_

Kitchen/Breakfast Bar by homewithbisi

“These bar stools were such a bargain find at £19 each from @furnitureoutletstores.”

Breakfast Bar Stools inspo by homewithbisi

Images Source: homewithbisi

Kitchen/Breakfast Bar by myrefurb

Our breakfast bar stools look fabulous and enhance the casual dining experience in myrefurb’s exciting open plan kitchen.

Open Plan Kitchen interior design inspo

Open Plan Kitchen

Images Source: myrefurb

Kitchen/Dining Area by thecatriorhome

“We love a quirky feel,” says thecatriorhome. “So four different chairs and bright flowers were perfect for our table!” It’s brilliant to see how The Catrior Home have then transformed this colourful dining table, purchased at Furniture Outlet Stores, to celebrate Christmas and also enjoy a romantic Valentine’s Day dinner for two.

Dining Room Table inspo by thecatriorhome

Dining Room Table inspo by thecatriorhome

Valentine's Day Dining Room Table inspo by thecatriorhome

Of course, the kitchen wine rack, also bought at Furniture Outlet Stores, comes in very handy on such occasions!

Kitchen Wine Rack inspo by thecatriorhome

Images Source: thecatriorhome

Living Room by 1930sarang

“I am loving renovating our 1930s home in Essex. I like rich colours and attempt to remain sympathetic to the age of the property. Hope you like it!”

Here’s lulu, the lovely family pet, relaxing in the living room.

Living Room inspo by 1930sarang

Images Source: 1930sarang

Living Room by athomewithkeely

“I purchased this lovely unit from a local furniture shop @furnitureoutletstores and I used my left over black jack paint.”

Living Room Console Table inspo by athomewithkeely

Images Source: athomewithkeely

Living Room by augustus.coop

Our Dagenham branch provided the cozy armchair for this perfect reading spot. “I haven’t opened a good book in several months… but next time I do, I will be here.”

Living Room Armchair inspo by augustus.coop

Image Source: augustus.coop

Living Room by decorinspo_atno.2

“Cool tones give a more wintry feel, which is what I like.”

Living Room Sofa inspo

Image Source: decorinspo_atno.2

Living Room by dulciebuttons

Our blue, modern Chesterfield sofas were the perfect find for dulciebuttons’ beautiful living room.

Blue Modern Chesterfield Sofas inspo by dulciebuttons

Image Source: dulciebuttons

Living Room by happyhomelifeinteriors_

With a love for contemporary styling, happyhomelifeinteriors_ has chosen one of our modern look console tables for this light and dark themed lounge.

Lounge interior design inspo


Images Source: happyhomelifeinteriors_

Living Room inspo by homeofharkiles

Image Source: home.of.harkiles

Living Room by _homeatthemalvern

“We finally got our coffee table yesterday! I would definitely recommend @furnitureoutletstores, they have some great pieces!”

Living Room Coffee Table inspo by _homeatthemalvern

Living Room Coffee Table inspo by _homeatthemalvern

Images Source: _homeatthemalvern

Living Room by homeinhadleigh

Our rustic coffee table is contributing to the farmhouse chic and natural vibe of this pretty living room in Hadleigh, Essex.”She opens up too, so it’s extra storage, which is great!”

Living Room Coffee Table inspo by homeinhadleigh

Image Source: homeinhadleigh

Living Room by house_of_chester

Is this cute and colourful little nook in house_of_chester’s living room right up your street, too?

Living Room inspo by house_of_chester

Image Source: house_of_chester

Living Room by interior_escapes

“Loving my coffee table vibes. It’s from @furnitureoutletstores. I seem to gravitating more and more to the dark monochrome look.”

Living Room Coffee Table inspo by interior_escapes

Images Source: interior_escapes

Living Room by lovinginteriors

This gorgeous living room by lovinginteriors features a modern style glass top coffee table from Furniture Outlet Stores.

Living Room interior design inspo

Images Source: lovinginteriors

Living Room by lovehaterenovate

“In love with our bargain sofa from our local @furnitureoutletstores,” reveals lovehaterenovate, as the renovation journey continues with their first home. “Designer furniture for half the price.”

Grey Sofa bought by lovehaterenovate

Image Source: lovehaterenovate

Living Room by myrefurb

A 2-piece glass and metal side table nest from us is a functional and attractive home detail assisting myrefurb’s cosy front room vibes.

Front Room interior design inspo

Image Source: myrefurb

Living Room by no_ordinary_space

“Curves – This trend has been around for a few years now and isn’t going anywhere,” informs Amy Adams, interior stylist and the curator of beautifully styled spaces at no_ordinary_space. “Curved furniture softens a room and can make a great statement.”

The round coffee table was purchased from Furniture Outlet Stores.

Living Room coffee table by no_ordinary_space

Image Source: no_ordinary_space

Living Room by our_home_called_jola

There’s a distinctly old school vibe about our_home_called_jola’s #thegentlemenscorner!

Old School Living Room inspo by our_home_called_jola

Image Source: our_home_called_jola

Living Room by ourss9

Looks like we’re not the only fans of the Colette swivel chair! Shout-out to ourss9’s Rosie Dog (sitting up on the chair) and Princess Millie.

Living Room swivel chair inspo by ourss9

Living Room inspo by ourss9

Images Source: ourss9

Living Room by prim_r05e

Our Olivia modern Chesterfield sofa is helping prim_r05e to make their house a home.

Living Room Sofa inspo by prim_r05e

Image Source: prim_r05e

Living Room by project_threezero

project_threezero are renovating and extending their 1970s home in Essex. The results are already looking fabulous!

Coffee Table inspiration by project_threezero

Images Source: project_threezero

Living Room by scentsandsass_xx

“Little bit in love with our coffee table,” says scentsandsass_xx. Guess where it was purchased from? “A great find in @furnitureoutletstores.”

Living Room

Image Source: scentsandsass_xx

Living Room by thecatriorhome

Everybody loves the mix of colours at thecatriorhome’s studio flat in Chelmsford, Essex – especially the gorgeous blue corner sofa by Furniture Outlet Stores. “You wouldn’t realise, but it also turns into a sofa bed, which is perfect when friends stay over!”

Living Room Corner Sofa inspo by thecatriorhome

Living Room inspo by thecatriorhome

Sunny Living Room by thecatriorhome

Images Source: thecatriorhome

Living Room by themilestonecottage

Enjoying country living with this wooden coffee table purchased from Furniture Outlet Stores, themilestonecottage continue to renovate their 300-year-old cottage in Essex. “We have been busy over Christmas with family and catching up on my DIY bits around the house! Here is the updated version of our lounge with white beams to lighten the space… what do you think?”


Coffee Table Inspiration by themilestonecottage

Image Source: themilestonecottage

Living Room by avictorialeighhome (formerly known as housebyelabaire and victoria_el_abaire)

With the visually striking Olivia sofa by Furniture Outlet Stores described as a “gorgeous settee chair”, “stunning” and “SO comfy”, how would you choose to relax in this lovely room? “The best coffee of the day is the one right after you drop the kids to school and you come home, make your coffee & sit,” declares the creator of this beautiful space.

An inventive blend of modern and traditional interior design styling.

Living Room by housebyelabaire

Image Source: housebyelabaire

Living Room

Image Source: victoria_el_abaire

Living room interior design inspiration by avictorialeighhome

Top down view of sofa and coffee table

Side view of sofa in living room

Close-up view of sofa

Images Source: avictorialeighhome

Playroom by _onehundredandtwelve

“I rarely post a picture of the Playroom because to be honest you can’t usually see the floor in here,” says _onehundredandtwelve. As the floor rug was sold by us, we’re very glad so see there’s been a tidy up for the photo!

Playroom interior design inspo

Image Source: _onehundredandtwelve


Want to share your own interior design inspiration with us? To be considered for inclusion in this roundup blog, just tag the products purchased at furnitureoutletstores in your Instagram post. We look forward to seeing more of the incredible living spaces you have created with the help of our discount home furnishings!

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