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Brave Ground Is Dulux Colour Of The Year 2021

Some of us may believe that beige has never been the coolest choice of colouring for our homes, but this blatant anti-beigeism hasn’t deterred the decorating experts at Dulux! They’ve just selected the beigey, muddy hue of Brave Ground as Dulux Colour of the Year 2021. After all, this earthy neutral shade is a safe bet now that we’re all craving a safe space in 2020.

“Brave Ground will create a nurturing space that will encourage people to find the courage to express themselves and make new connections from the past to the future,” say Dulux in their launch announcement for 2021’s must-have colour. “Neutral colours like Brave Ground can either stand strong on their own or help other colours to shine.”

“The colours on our walls are the backdrop to how we live our life,” adds Marianne Shillingford, Creative Director at Dulux UK. “For many of us, lockdown has served to emphasise how important our home environment has become, it has been the place where we work, learn, relax. It can lift us up, nurture us, comfort us.”

Beige Sitting Room

Beige Dining Room

Beige Family Room

Beige Bedroom

Here’s a short YouTube video that explains why Dulux’s team of colour gurus, trend forecasters and design specialists from around the world believe in Brave Ground beige:

Images Source: Dulux

What The Interior Design Experts Say…

“What does Dulux know about 2021 that the rest of us don’t – Brave Ground looks a bit post-apocalypse bin living for my liking.”
Anna Blewett

“Brave Ground aka Dulux Colour of the Year makes me think of a battlefield… not exactly a cosy nest as intended.”
Barbara Chandler

“Brave Ground is slightly more muted in appearance than Tranquil Dawn, a cool-green shade that Dulux selected as its colour of the year for 2020.”
Natasha Levy at Dezeen

“It’s a warm neutral shade, characterised by its beige profile and earthy undertones.”
Becca Green at Good Homes Magazine

“Marianne Shillingford, Creative Director at Dulux UK, says this colour will work particularly well in the living room.”
Olivia Heath at House Beautiful

“Warm and welcoming for a neutral but for me needs strong tonal colour with it.”
Jo Ridout

“Brown is a reassuring colour, solid and dependable, cosy and warm.”
Nicola Holden

“It looks a little like mud and doesn’t really make me feel all hygge and comforted by nature. But then mud never did.”
The House of Upcycling

“This warm, earthy tone is perfect for bringing a cosy, calming vibe to an uncertain time.”
Rebecca Messina at Your Home Style

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